Animal testing cons

Since time immemorial, animals have always been used as test objects for the benefit of human beings. Animal experiments are quite popular in medical field, cosmetic sector, environmental tests, household products, drugs, and other equipment. Although the experiments are aimed at improving human living, it has also brought with it a lot of controversies. Despite improvement of technology over time, the number of people against using animals as test samples is increasing. Some of the well known animal testing cons may be classified as follows:

Psychological Cons Of Animal Testing

When using an animal as a testing base for drugs, cosmetics, or any other experiment, you may need to be aware that animals although considered to be of a less caliber than human beings also have feelings. Consistently putting an animal through tests will affect the animal’s psyche in the short as well as in the long run. Research has shown that an animal that has been placed in a lab environment will always act differently from a similar animal bred freely.

Physical Cons on Animal Testing

One of the most noticeable negative impacts of animal experiments lies in the physique. The animals undergo a lot of body experiments from time to time. In extreme cases, the test animal will succumb to injuries or even death. One aspect that worries many people especially animal lovers is the fact that some tests are done without putting the animal under any form of aesthetics. As a human being, try picturing this being done to you. My guess is that it is not such as pretty image.

Social Cons for Animal Testing

As you are aware, animals just like humans thrive well in a colony or community. Unfortunately, the animal experiments withdraw the animal from its natural environment and most likely confine it in an isolated or cramped cage or pen. The social behavior will thus be affected and if the animal is fortunate enough to be released back to its natural habitat, it may have a problem adapting to the new surroundings.

Animal Testing Cons Directly Affect Human Beings

The adverse impacts of the testing not only affect the animals, but also human beings. Most of us love and greatly respect these animals. To us, they are more than just pets. Seeing the animals go through so much pain and torture is always an unwelcome gesture. Furthermore, the effects can be said to be somehow permanent since trying to condition the animal back to its original state is usually futile. Well, if you support animal testing, you probably have some new information to mull over.

From the above animal testing cons, it is clear that the disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages. Additionally, if you are a proponent of the practice, you may need to consider other alternatives that will give similar if not better results. Better techniques are being discovered and rely on computer simulation rather than real animals. Another consideration that may help you change focus on animal testing is the colossal sums of money that is spent on the experiments.

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